Trinh Trang An Temple

The Trinh Trang An Temple is an old #temple in the #Hoa Lu district in #Vietnam. It was built over a thousand years ago to worship the founding fathers of the #Dinh #dynasty and was restored in 2003 to its old glory. You will only be able to reach the temple using the local skiffs, but it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area!

Change of Guards

The #ChangeofGuards at #HoChiMinh’s mausoleum in #Hanoi, #Vietnam – watching the ceremony of the change of guards in front of the mausoleum that holds Ho Chi Minh’s remains is one of the events that you should definitely plan to attend when visiting Hanoi. While some countries have similar ceremonies like the ones at Arlington cemetery or Buckingham Palace this is unique to Vietnam’s history.

Ba Thien Hau Temple

I recently had the chance to explore South East #Asia a bit more and started with a quick stop in #HoChiMinhCity, former #Saigon in #Vietnam. The #city is amazing to explore, full of large markets and beautiful #temples like the Ba Thien Hau Tempel where locals can pray and send their wishes to the goddess of the sea. Traveling Vietnam you will see that the architecture, religion and food has been influenced by their neighbors like China, combined with their very own unique history. I highly recommend visiting the city and exploring the temples and markets for yourself!

Night City #04

I love rainy nights in my #Night #City – it’s a unique feeling of walking through a mix of #busy and #gloomy streets, walking past small stores & restaurants and bright #neon #lights reflected in the rainy streets all over – you will likely not find this anywhere else but in #NewYorkCity.

Night City #03

New York City perfectly combines how you would imagine Night City – Neon lights that cut through the dark, big crowded streets with dark side alleys, a sense that the city never sleeps with a hint of mysterious smoke in the air… this city takes hold of you & will never let you go.