Night City #03

New York City perfectly combines how you would imagine Night City – Neon lights that cut through the dark, big crowded streets with dark side alleys, a sense that the city never sleeps with a hint of mysterious smoke in the air… this city takes hold of you & will never let you go.

Night City #02

One major part of #NYC’s nightlife is that in the heart of the city you will find #food trucks and #Halal street carts every other block. Those carts have established their very own culture in #NewYorkCity and I highly recommend to visit and try some of their food when you’re in the #city!

Night City #01

The next series of photos I want to share is to embark on a trip through #NewYorkCity at night with you. #NYC is one of the most amazing places I got to experience, and sometimes it’s even more beautiful in the dark than during the day. Let me take you on a trip through the “Night City” I got to love…

Chattanooga Lookout Mountain

Some photos of a recent #roadtrip – This one is from #Lookout #Mountain in #Chattanooga, an important position in the #battle of Chattanooga during the US #CivilWar. Apart from that it’s a beautiful #lookout spot on the #city of Chattanooga, with the #Tennessee #River winding through the city.

Another view from #Chattanooga #Lookout #Mountain – This one is also from #Point #Park, which is a beautiful lookout spot on the city of #Chattanooga, #Tennessee and definitely worth a visit when you’re in town!

Ellis Island views

The view on #downtown #Manhattan from Ellis Island – the very place where most of the people immigrating back in the days stepped foot onto the new world, to build a better life for themselves and their families. We are always at our best when we are open to new ideas, thoughts and accepting of people from different cultures – and this amazing #city of #NewYork always stood for that!