Ha Long Bay views

#HaLong #Bay in #Vietnam is an amazing place to visit! Even though the weather wasn’t on my side, just stepping onboard one of the local #tour #boats and traveling through the #rocky #cliffs of the bay made my day. Some ancient stories say the rocks were dragons once that fell out of the sky into the bay.

Fisherboat in Ha Long Bay

A local fisherman’s boat in #HaLong #Bay, #Vietnam – Visiting Ha Long Bay was one of the #highlights of our trip to Vietnam, seeing those massive #rocks and #cliff formations coming out of the water is an experience on its own. Definitely a must-do when visiting Vietnam!

Hang Mua Viewpoint

The Hang Mua #viewpoint in #Vietnam’s #HoaLu district provides amazing #views across the rice fields in the area and is a place of pilgrimage for locals to pray for good fortune. During our trip I was lucky enough to get a photo of two students in their #traditional yellow dresses that were just on their way back down – an amazing contrast and made the photo so much more interesting!

Fisherman in Hoa Lu

One of the local #fishermen in #Vietnam’s #HoaLu District on his way through the rocky #cliffs of the #lakes stretching through the area. Hoa Lu is a district in Vietnam’s northern #NinhBinh area that holds a lot of #traditional locations, temples and sights – definitely worth a trip!

Trinh Trang An Temple

The Trinh Trang An Temple is an old #temple in the #Hoa Lu district in #Vietnam. It was built over a thousand years ago to worship the founding fathers of the #Dinh #dynasty and was restored in 2003 to its old glory. You will only be able to reach the temple using the local skiffs, but it’s definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area!