Foggy morning in NYC

It’s been a while…

I haven’t been able to post new updates for quite some time, but I’m finally back with tons of photos that I’ll start uploading now. While I have been absent from updating my blog, I was still able to take new photos – so stay tuned.

I’ll start getting back in the game with this photo of a foggy morning in #NewYorkCity, taken from #RooseveltIsland towards the #UnitedNations HQ in #Midtown East. It perfectly captures the mood of a new beginning – a bit mysterious, and promising an amazing day to come.

steffelmaier_foggy morning_tn

Chicago skyline at night

During my trip to Chicago past year, I had the chance to experience the city at night while clouds and rain where passing through. The pictures resulting from this trip came out pretty nicely though, I have to admit.

The city skyline of Chicago at night, with the beacon light on top of the Drake Hotel


The skyline of Chicago at night, covered in a thin layer of fog