Dubai’s waterways

Abras on #Dubai #Creek, #UAE – The #Abras are the traditional boats used in Dubai for crossing the Dubai Creek. They are connecting the two two main areas of Dubai – #Deira with its souks and traditional markets, and #BurDubai with #downtown Dubai and the city’s modern development in the last decades. Definitely worth a trip taking an abra to cross the creek and explore both sides of the city!

andreas steffelmaier photography abras on dubai creek

The #Dubai #Marina in Dubai, #UAE at #night – An amazing place to visit day or night, with its artificial #canal running through an area of several towers and villas along the #Persian gulf, just south of downtown Dubai. The Dubai Marina is definitely a place you want to visit while in Dubai, to go shopping or simply for dining & nightlife!

andreas steffelmaier photography dubai marina

Times Square at night

42nd Street at the famous #TimesSquare in #Manhattan, #NewYork City – A place that truly never sleeps: where you will see flashing lights everywhere, yellow cabs stuck in traffic, tourists taking pictures and probably one of the few places on earth where you can go shopping literally all around the clock. While New Yorkers try to avoid this place, it’s something you have to see at least once in your life!

andreas steffelmaier photography times square at night

Exploring Tokyo – Kabukichō

#Kabukichō in #Tokyo, #Japan is the district where you can find endless #anime, the #Robot #Restaurant and let your inner #geek out – definitely a have-to see while you’re visiting Tokyo!

andreas steffelmaier photography kabukicho

The #Shinjuku #Golden #Gai in Tokyo is an area of small streets close to #Kabukicho, with tons of tiny #restaurants and #bars – while quiet and relaxed during the day, they are filled with life during the night.

andreas steffelmaier photography tokyo golden gai