The Vessel at night

Inside #TheVessel just after #sunset – During my visit to this new structure in the heart of the #Hudson #Yards in #Manhattan, I was amazed by the planning and work of the architect Thomas Heatherwick. Just seeing how the structure reflects the light of the sunset and plays with the illumination of the city in the background was nothing less of impressive!

andreas steffelmaier photography the vessel at night

Inside The Vessel

Inside “The #Vessel” – The new #structure at the #Hudson #Yards in #Manhattan, build 2017-2019 and developed by Thomas Heatherwick, is just the latest of #architectural #highlights #NewYork has to offer. Visiting and climbing up the 16 stories of this unique structure is a must-do when visiting #NewYorkCity!

andreas steffelmaier photography inside the vessel

Central Park covered in snow

The Mall at beautiful #CentralPark in #Manhattan, #NYC – during #snowfall in #winter.
Central Park is one of my favorite spots in #NewYork City, no matter which weather or time of the year – it is always full of life and just relaxing to stroll through the park, and get a short break of the hustle & bustle in the city.

central park covered in snow andreas steffelmaier