Exploring Tokyo – Kabukichō

#Kabukichō in #Tokyo, #Japan is the district where you can find endless #anime, the #Robot #Restaurant and let your inner #geek out – definitely a have-to see while you’re visiting Tokyo!

andreas steffelmaier photography kabukicho

The #Shinjuku #Golden #Gai in Tokyo is an area of small streets close to #Kabukicho, with tons of tiny #restaurants and #bars – while quiet and relaxed during the day, they are filled with life during the night.

andreas steffelmaier photography tokyo golden gai

Night in New York City

I recently had time to spend a few nights out with my camera in downtown New York City – I think you might like the results.

The Beaver Building – better known as “The #Continental Hotel” from the #JohnWick movies in #NewYork City downtown at #Pearl Street and #Beaver Street at night. You actually won’t find a hotel here, but the well-known #Haru Sushi restaurant.

andreas steffelmaier photography the continental

#Park #Avenue in midtown #NewYork City at night – with the #MetLife building in the back. One of the many areas where #NYC is showing its beauty with all the buildings lit up and the vibrant streetlights.

andreas steffelmaier photography park ave

Chicago skyline at night

During my trip to Chicago past year, I had the chance to experience the city at night while clouds and rain where passing through. The pictures resulting from this trip came out pretty nicely though, I have to admit.

The city skyline of Chicago at night, with the beacon light on top of the Drake Hotel


The skyline of Chicago at night, covered in a thin layer of fog