Ellis Island views

The view on #downtown #Manhattan from Ellis Island – the very place where most of the people immigrating back in the days stepped foot onto the new world, to build a better life for themselves and their families. We are always at our best when we are open to new ideas, thoughts and accepting of people from different cultures – and this amazing #city of #NewYork always stood for that!

NYC Statue of Liberty

The #Statue of #Liberty with #skyscrapers of #Manhattan in the background – It is always inspiring to see this monument of #freedom and liberty, that symbolizes new beginnings in a free world. Miss liberty is one of the most #iconic #symbols of #NewYorkCity – an amazing melting pot of so many people from different countries and cultures!

Paradise dreaming

Traveling to #BoraBora, #FrenchPolynesia was probably one of the most #relaxing trips I did – the right place to recharge the batteries, spend some time relaxing on the #beach, go scuba #diving with sharks, explore the #island(s) around, etc. Definitely worth a place on your bucket list!

Bora Bora Turtle Sanctuary

The #Turtle #Sanctuary in #BoraBora takes cares of injured or hurt #turtles that would not be able to survive in the wild, nursing them back to health and giving them a spot to recover before releasing them back into the wild. The sanctuary is located close to some of the #resorts on the island, the photo shows the area where they can swim around safely and recover – definitely worth a visit!

Bora Bora Mount Otemanu

The view on #Mount Otemanu of the main #island of #BoraBora. from one of the surrounding #resorts. Taking a #trip to Bora Bora is probably one of the most #relaxing #vacations you can plan for, ideal to recover from work or cold winter days… definitely deserves a spot on everyone’s bucket list!