Night City #03

New York City perfectly combines how you would imagine Night City – Neon lights that cut through the dark, big crowded streets with dark side alleys, a sense that the city never sleeps with a hint of mysterious smoke in the air… this city takes hold of you & will never let you go.

Night City #01

The next series of photos I want to share is to embark on a trip through #NewYorkCity at night with you. #NYC is one of the most amazing places I got to experience, and sometimes it’s even more beautiful in the dark than during the day. Let me take you on a trip through the “Night City” I got to love…

Radio City Christmas Lights

It’s slowly but surely getting colder and soon you will see all the beautiful #Christmas decorations appear across #NewYorkCity – like here at #RadioCityMusicHall on 6th Ave in midtown #Manhattan, #NYC. The time before Christmas is probably one of the most #magical times in the city, with all its decorations and Christmas jingles coming out of almost every store… something you must have experienced!

9/11 Twin Tower lights

A lot has changed in over 20 years – Though the #TwinTowers lights at the #911 #memorial in #downtown #Manhattan, #NewYork remind us to #NeverForget what happened. A powerful and unique symbol to show that this amazing city can rise up from the ashes of a tragedy.

New York City – Black & White #06

This might be the last shot for my “#BlackAndWhite” series for now – Walking up #Brooklyn #Bridge towards #downtown #Manhattan in #NewYorkCity I noticed a couple taking shots on the bridge like so many other tourists do. What caught my attention though was the way she stood out by showing off her bright #red coat, which immediately became a focal point in this very moment – and a great way to complete my #BW series…